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Membership Document


ABC RESCUE is an internet based membership club please ensure that we are always aware of your current Email address.

To ensure you are aware of what you are and what you are not covered for, please take the time to read all the documentation we have sent you including the details of your cover on the schedule you have received, which explains the terms and conditions of your membership.

If you would like any further information, please contact ABC Rescue on 0844 9934 999 calls may be recorded.
In the Event of Breakdown

Call our emergency helpline on: UK 0844 9934 999

Our operators are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Please provide the operator with your name and membership details and: and then inform the operator of the make and model of your vehicle, your registration your exact location, and the fault with your vehicle.

Once you have provided the above information we will arrange for one of our recovery operators to attend the location you have provided, as quickly as possible.

During your annual membership you are entitled to contact us up to a maximum of 5 times for assistance; after assisting you 5 times to remain a member you will be required to renew your annual membership at the current membership fee rates prior to any further assistance being offered.
Vehicle Membership

Vehicle membership covers only the vehicle declared to us at the start of the membership. (Or you notify us by Email of any change of vehicle during the period of membership.

Any change of vehicle will be excluded from all claims for a period of 24 hours). You may change the vehicle registered with us, up to 4 times in any period of membership. Temporary changes of vehicles are excluded from the membership

The level of cover that you have selected will be shown on your schedule of cover which will be emailed to you with this membership document.
LEVEL 1 – ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE (vehicles under 10 years old at inception)

If you breakdown at the roadside and suffer an electrical or mechanical fault that immobilises your vehicle, your membership entitles you to one of our recovery operators attending your vehicle and up to one hour’s roadside assistance.

We will attempt to carry out a repair when practical, to enable you to complete your journey. If this is not possible we will transport the vehicle to a destination of your choice or a garage within a 10 mile radius of the scene of the breakdown. We will also transport the driver and up to 4 passengers to your chosen destination or to the garage for repair within the 10 mile radius.

If you need to leave your vehicle at a garage for repair we will reimburse the cost of a taxi fare or public transport (upon submission of receipts) up to a maximum of £10.00

If you breakdown at your home address your membership entitles you for up to one hours mechanical assistance.
We will attempt to carry out a repair when practical. If this is not possible we will transport the vehicle to a destination of your choice or a garage within a 10 mile radius of your home address.
(This excludes any mechanical assembly or any form of servicing, and the £10.00 Taxi concession offered in the roadside section).
Change of address
Assistance at your home is only covered at the address registered at inception unless we have been notified of a change of your home address prior to any breakdown. If you change address please notify us immediately.

If you breakdown and your vehicle cannot be repaired within a reasonable time then we will recover you to a single destination either your home address or chosen onward destination within the United Kingdom mainland, (providing the destination is able to accept the vehicle without restriction), within the terms and conditions of the membership.

Please note recovery cannot be arranged at an alternative time. It must be requested at the time of the breakdown.
If a member decides not to have the vehicle repaired then this option will be excluded.

With our onward destination service we will offer you vehicle hire for up to 72 hours, or overnight hotel accommodation or alternative transport costs

If you breakdown at roadside and repairs cannot be carried out within an agreed reasonable period and you have selected section 4 then you can choose one of the following options: –

(i) Reimbursement of the cost of alternative road or rail travel for the driver and up to 4 passengers from the scene of the breakdown to one destination within the Territorial Limits stated in this policy, plus a return journey for one person to collect the vehicle upon completion of repairs. Up to£60.00 a person and a maximum amount of £300.00 a claim.
(ii) Reimbursement of the cost of one night’s accommodation up to a total of £200 a claim (excluding food and drink, telephone calls and newspapers) in the vicinity of the breakdown for the driver and up to 4 passengers up to a maximum of £40.00 per person.
(iii) Reimbursement of the cost of suitable car hire for up to 72 hour’s up to a maximum of £150.00 per claim, excluding fuel, insurance and excess charges.

The maximum payable for any claim from any one breakdown including any reimbursement claim is £1,000 or the current market value of the vehicle at the time of the breakdown whichever is lower.

We, Us, Our
ABC Rescue, First Floor, 3 Castle Court, St Peters Street, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1EW.

You, Your
The person who has taken out the membership, being a permanent UK resident

The vehicle owned by you and declared to us and used exclusively for Personal / non-Commercial use.

Territorial limit
The United Kingdom including Scottish Islands. (Subject to approval by the Underwriters).

Breakdown means an electrical or mechanical failure that renders the vehicle completely immobilised. In the event of a non fault road traffic accident you will be required to pay for the assistance, and submit to your insurer as a third party claim which may or may not be payable by your insurance company.

Period of cover
Your membership is for the period as stated on your schedule.

Recovery Operators
ABC Rescue use dedicated service engineers. This may be supplemented by the use of independent agents.
Terms and Conditions and Eligibility of Cover

1. You or the driver must abide by the terms and conditions of this policy at all times.
2. Please note that our recovery operators are unable to work on unattended vehicles.
3. The vehicle must be maintained at all times in a roadworthy condition in accordance with the law and be regularly serviced in accordance with your manufacturer’s recommendations.
4. Your membership covers the vehicle registered with ABC Rescue for any driver, driving with the owner’s permission and legally entitled to drive the vehicle.
5. Cars, vans and motorcycles (excluding campervans / vehicles with living accommodation) are eligible to be covered up to a maximum 3.5 tonnes gross weight, 5.5 metres (18 feet) length and 2.3 metres (7 foot 6 inches) width.
6. Any caravan or trailer attached to the vehicle must be a maximum of 7.6 metres (25 feet) in length at the time of the breakdown.
7. We reserve the right to cancel this policy at any time, by giving you 14 days notice in writing to your last known Email address, and a pro rata refund will be allowable to you if no claims have been made (less administration fee).
8. You can cancel this policy within 14 days of inception/submission provided that no claims have been made, and a full refund (less an administration fee of £10.00) will be made. No refund of premium will be made after this period.
9. All claims and assistance is at the discretion of ABC Rescue. Any breakdown discovered or believed to be excluded from the policy is chargeable to you under current commercial rates before assistance is provided.

If the vehicle registered is immobilised then you are covered for the following: –
Important Notes
1. If the assistance that we offer does not suit your requirements then you may request alternative assistance to be arranged for you at your own cost.
2. We do not accept any responsibility for the transportation of pet animals or livestock within the vehicle at the time of the breakdown and the recovery of any pets or livestock is at the discretion of ABC Rescue.
3. Any assistance offered outside the terms and conditions of membership will be payable by credit or debit card prior to the service being offered.
4. A garage or mechanic undertaking repair work on your instruction will be acting as your agent for such repair work.
5. If requested, you must provide evidence of servicing of your vehicle or receipts for replacement parts.
6. Recovery cannot be used as a reason for avoiding repair costs.
7. We reserve the right not to offer renewal of membership.
8. We reserve the right to refuse service and cancel membership to anyone who behaves in a threatening or abusive manner to our employees or if ABC Rescue considers that there have been irreconcilable differences with the member.
9. If we believe that we cannot provide an acceptable level of service to the area where your registered Home Address is located then we reserve the right to cancel your policy and give you a full refund of your premium provided that no claim has been made on the policy.
10. In the event of a vehicle breakdown we will offer recovery of any caravan or trailer (within the specified restrictions). The caravan/trailer is not covered for any breakdown assistance within the terms and condition of this policy.
11. No claim will exceed the current market value of the vehicle at the time of the breakdown.
12. This document is subject to English law unless otherwise agreed in writing by ABC Rescue.

General exclusion
ABC Rescue will not cover the following: –
1. Vehicles that have not been regularly serviced or breakdown as a result of inadequate repair, unsuccessful DIY or any claim where no remedial action has been taken to correct the fault since we last attended your vehicle. Garage attention must always be sought after experiencing a breakdown and proof of repair obtained. We reserve the right to request sight of the repair.
2. Vehicles being used (or that have been modified for use) in motor racing, rallies, speed or endurance tests; hire or reward (including courtesy vehicles), vehicles not used exclusively for Personal / non-Commercial use or over 3.5 tonnes gross laden weight; mechanically modified vehicles requiring specialist repairers.
3. Any liability or consequential loss arising from any act performed in the execution of the Breakdown services provided.
4. Vehicles not in a roadworthy condition or being driven with a known fault immediately prior to any breakdown.
5. Any claim resulting in a vehicle not being repaired, or that is disposed of or scrapped.
6. Vehicles immersed in mud, snow, sand or water or any fault occurring or being immobilised as a result of contact with mud, snow, sand or water.
7. Any vehicle with living accommodation.
8. A road traffic accident or damage caused by vandalism, fire, theft or attempted theft or any incident covered by an Insurance policy irrespective of any excesses.
9. Any vehicle being used for business purposes.
10. Any claim within 24 hours of any alteration to your membership.
11. A second use of our services within 28 days of a breakdown if, in the opinion of ABC Rescue, the reported fault is related to a previous fault that we have attended.
12. Any claim that could be recoverable from any insurance policy indemnity or warranty.
13. Any fines or penalties imposed by courts.
14. Any charges incurred prior to notification of Breakdown and our approved repairer attending.
15. The cost of any parts, components, lubricants or materials, third party labour costs, food, drinks, telephone calls, petrol, oil or any other incidental expenses.
16. Any claim where ABC Rescue has not been notified at least 24 hours previously of a change of vehicle.
17. Any cost of any specialist recovery equipment or service charges needed (as defined by a recovery operator in attendance of your breakdown).
18. Breakdowns where your vehicle is not accessible or located on a private property or cannot be transported safely, legally and without hindrance using a standard transporter or trailer.
19. Any toll charges, ferry charges parking charges or traffic congestion charges.
20. Any costs recoverable elsewhere.
21. A second callout when a temporary repair was earlier carried out.
22. Any claim for assistance while money is owed to ABC Rescue by the policy holder.
23. Any claims for private hire vehicles, i.e. taxis unless authorised prior to any costs being incurred.
24. Breakdowns caused by your vehicle running out of fuel or where assistance cannot be affected because the vehicle does not have a serviceable and/or accessible spare tyre and wheel.
25. Claims arising from loss or damage to contents of or within your vehicle.
26. Claims directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to or arising from ionising radiations or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from the burning of nuclear fuel; or the radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear part of it; war, invasion, terrorism, foreign enemy hostilities ( whether war is declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, military force or coup; or pressure waves caused by aircraft or any other airborne devices travelling at sonic or supersonic speeds.

Complaints procedure
We realise that as hard as we try we do not achieve perfection, if you have cause to complain about the level of service you have received please write to us at the address below and we will try to resolve your complaint:-
Complaints Dept, ABC Rescue
First Floor, 3 Castle Court St Peters Street Colchester, Essex CO1 1EW
If after receiving a response from the complaints department the matter still remains unresolved, then please write to: –
The Managing Director (Administrator) First Floor, 3 Castle Court, St Peters Street, Colchester, Essex. CO1 1EW
Please quote your policy number as a reference in all correspondence.
Company Information
ABC Rescue is a trading name of First Call GB Ltd, registered at Companies House, Cardiff, UK, company registration number 4494431.
Data Protection
The data supplied by you will only be used by us and carefully selected associated companies for related products and services as well as the purposes of processing your membership, including underwriting, administration, and handling any claim which may arise. The data supplied will not be passed to any other parties other than those which we have mentioned herein. It is important that the data you have supplied is kept up to date. You should therefore notify us promptly of any changes. You are entitled upon the payment of an administration fee to inspect the personal data which we are holding about you. If you wish to make such an inspection, or if you do not wish to receive information on related products and services, you should contact The Administrator, ABC Rescue, 3 Castle Court, St Peters Street, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1EW. We may respond to enquiries by the police concerning your policy in the normal course of their investigations. Where it is necessary to administer your policy effectively, or to protect your interests, we may disclose the data you have supplied to other third parties such as motor garages, engineers, repairers, insurers etc. We may monitor and record telephone calls for service and staff training purposes.